How simple Mopon works for your business!

Sell your product or services with movie coupon.
Its simple and of course very attractive and affordable as well.These are the following steps for you to watch.STEP #1, Preparation.
First meeting, our executive marketing will arrange a meeting to give presentation to you about what is MOPON and all the benefits if you joining as our merchant.

If an all parties have an agreement then we continue..

STEP #2, Contract and Collect Data.
Second meeting, our executive marketing with our documentation crew will come to sign a legitimate contract and to collect all data about the products or services to be offer in coupons.STEP #3, Production.
After having all your data from your store or business, our Creative Editing Team (C.E.T) will make a fifty seconds movie.The pre – preview will be shown to the merchant (store or business owner or person in charge). Within 2 days MOPON will give 2 chance to revise your produced movie for the merchant approval, otherwise MOPON will consider the pre – preview video already correct and ready to publish.

If there’s a request to revise then C.E.T will reproduced the movie for coupon as per merchant requested then resend to have a recheck via YouTube.


Movie already set and confirmed by merchant then its ready to publish in are our simplest process with getting your products and services to be known by public.
Very easy right?

Coupons? is M.O.P.O.N.
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WANT THIS mopon.


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